We use the unique Financial Design methodology created and proven by UXDA,

to improve your product success rate by eliminating risks that can lead to millions of losses


Disruptive Fail-Proof Methodology

UXDA's Financial Design unique methodology is based on three complementary approaches

  • Design Thinking

    Solution-Focused Strategy

  • Business-User-Product

    (BUP) Holistic Frame

  • User Experience

    Financial Engineering


Nine Steps Process

UXDA use proven workflow to design human-centered financial interface that disrupts industry


  • 1. Business requirements

    UXDA guides the main stakeholders through "question everything" to reveal the business essence and desires. We need to fit "your shoes."

  • 2. User research

    Depending on the project requirements, UXDA conducts quantitative and qualitative user research to fully understand user behavior and needs.

  • 3. Service audit

    We have to review all the service features to ensure a clear view of how it works, even in the background. Which problems does it solve and how?


  • 4. User Journey Map

    A User Journey Map combines business and user research data into a visible step-by-step sequence. This allows us to easily identify bottlenecks, key features, and gain insights about a service.

  • 5. Information Architecture

    A User Journey Map is used to generate an overall service vision and a UX Strategy which allows us to architect an intuitive and simple service structure.

  • 6. Wireframes

    Wireframes clarify user flow and deliver the first touch of a product as it could be. Wireframes are used to test the core hypothesis about a solution and check key scenarios from the red route list.


  • 7. Designing UI

    Service UI design completely differs from common web design. The main challenge is to simplify a complex multi-feature solution into an intuitive UI, portable to different platforms.

  • 8. Testing

    The Usability of a finished UI is tested by our in-house testing team as a clickable UI prototype, and also checked through a 200 service UI usability heuristics list.

  • 9. Delivering

    When all the necessary corrections have been made, we prepare the omni-channel design source files, a clickable UI prototype, a screen flow and a basic or full design system for your product as deliverables.



UXDA provide different types of deliverables to ensure best value to our clients

More samples of design deliverables for your inspiration

UX Design Concept Of Digital Banking. Categories.
UX Design Concept Of Digital Banking. Accounts.
UX Design Concept Of Digital Banking. Payment.
UX Design Concept Of Digital Banking. Recommended services.
UX Design Concept Of Digital Banking. Mobile version.
UX Design Concept Of Digital Banking. Apple watch version.

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