Our financial UX design portfolio is a collection of tailor-made UX design solutions

delivered to leading financial disruptors by the most experienced financial UX/UI design team in the world

Asset management platform design for high profile investors

Asset management platform design for high profile investors

Why settle for less, when you can get everything. For notably demanding users worth billions - unapologetically vibrant asset management platform design that delivers.

UX/UI design project cost: from 100,000 €


Next generation mobile banking app

Is it possible to turn banking customers into passionate fans? Light Bank unites beauty with functionality, busting the myth of finance as something complicated and boring.

Read full Light Bank Case Study

UX/UI design project cost: from 100,000 €


Light Bank concept
Colorful banking filled with energy and dynamic

Colorful banking filled with energy and dynamism

Finances are never still, they are always in motion.  It's a dynamic flow of energy from one point to another and our challenge is to capture this beautiful movement in splendid user friendly design.

Mobile app design

50+ functions architected

80+ screens designed

UX/UI design project cost: from 50,000 €

Game-changer core banking

Intuitive and easy core banking solution that makes banking employees excited about their job. Revolution in banking back-office that ensures a huge increase in service speed, employee productivity, and banking customer satisfaction.

UX/UI design project cost: from 100,000 €

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Intuitive and easy Core banking solution
Banking digital mobile white label platform

Attractive white label mobile app

It is the right time to help banks around the world to master mobile banking services. This white label solution is exactly what banks use to fulfil every banking customers needs and expectations in attractive design manner.

70+ functions architected

100+ screens designed

UX/UI design project cost: from 50,000 €


Corporate banking platform for managing billions of assets

One of a kind contextual platform that helps any corporation to manage thousands of accounts with billions of assets in a smart and safe way. An intelligent assistant that detects and prevents potential situations even before they appear. The data-rich solution enables banks to accelerate top accounts self-service increasing speed of reaction, safety and satisfaction. Advanced liquidity core protects against account shortages.

450+ functions architected

4,000+ screens designed

UX/UI design project cost: 25,000 EUR monthly


Innovative platform for bitcoin and other crypto

Cryptocurrency disrupt modern economics, but not so many understand how to deal with it. Our challenge was to create easy and pleasant solution to manage an account with regular and crypto currencies, make payments etc. Welcome to the future!

Responsive desktop & Mobile App design

40+ functions architected

400+ screens designed

UX/UI design project cost: from 80,000 €


Outstanding mobile bank

Impossible is nothing. Every existing bank can take it forward to become remarkable banking service provider. Openness and friendliness to customers deliver outstanding user experience. All most important banking features are in reach of a tap.

Mobile App design

30+ functions architected

70+ screens designed

UX/UI design project cost: from 50,000 €


Friendly challenger bank UI design
Modern Investment Platform UX UI design

Modern investment platform

Could investment be pleasant, modern and friendly? Yes, if your UI solution is centered on customer needs and emotions. Light, simple and inspiring design allows customers to focus on investment solution and find a value they are looking for.

Responsive desktop  & Mobile App design

40+ functions architected

70+ screens designed

UX/UI design project cost: from 30,000 €


World’s first social bank

The revolutionary solution with an aim to bring financial freedom for unbanked and disrupt banking legacy. Just imagine if everyone could become a bank? Delivered innovative user interface translates complex features into simple and intuitive visual language.

Mobile iOS & Android App design

50+ functions architected

200+ screens designed

UX/UI design project cost: from 60,000 €


World’s First Social Bank UI UX Design
Challenger Bank UX/UI design concept

Inspiring challenger bank

Wondering how we fit dozens of Banking Features into a single Challenger Bank App? This UX banking concept is provided to inspire financial professionals worldwide with the potential of next generation banking services. This UX/UI concept is for sale on FintechUI marketplace.

Read more about features in Case Study

UX/UI design project cost: from 80,000 €


Intuitive Dashboard for Merchants

Online sales are about product quality, sales techniques, and marketing efforts, so if state-of-the-art FinTech service can take care of revenue, invoices and other financial aspects it will bring joy into merchant work. No matter how much shops and accounts you have, with customer-centered UI you can easily manage all.

Desktop & Tablet design

40+ functions architected

130+ screens designed

UX/UI design project cost: from 40,000 €


Cutting-Edge Merchant Dashboard
 UX UI fintech design
Omni-channel Banking UI design

Omni-channel Banking

Why do banking interfaces have to be huge and complicated? UXDA has reinvented online banking architecture, creating a digital omni-channel solution that includes: web, tablet, mobile, and wearable. Most of the popular user tasks can be done in less than 30 seconds, and some of them are available even without authorization. Learn how UX can increase customer satisfaction by 320%

UX/UI design project cost: from 100,000 €


Finance Multi-account Platform

Nowadays customers have dozens of ways to use their digital money. The main question is - how to control it? It’s much easier with financial management dashboard delivered by UXDA.

Desktop & Tablet design

50+ functions architected

200+ screens designed

UX/UI design project cost: from 80,000 €


Finance Management Platform UI design
Omni-channel Digital Insurance UI design

Reinventing Digital Insurance

Everyone agrees that time for insurance digital transformation has come. Users want to take care about their protection and safety through preferred digital channels. To deliver ideal digital insurance design we have to simplify traditional insurance legacy and make it customer-centered. Our InsurTech vision provides great insights on how digital insurance user experience should be reinvented as omni-channel solution.

UX/UI design project cost: from 60,000 €

Mobile Forex Trading

UX Design Agency’s main target was to make Forex trading available to non-tech-savvy users. It had to be clear and intuitive, but still with a full set of functionality and a black & white color range.

iOS & Android App design

30+ functions architected

50+ screens designed

UX/UI design project cost: from 25,000 €

Trading Mobile App UI design
Online Bank for Millennials UI design

Online Bank for Millennials

While traditional banking is more focused on older customers, millennials are waiting for financial providers that understand their values and provide delightful digital experience.

Desktop & Tablet concept design

30+ functions architected

20+ screens designed

UX/UI design project cost: from 50,000 €

Bitcoin Trading Platform

Bitcoins have become the 21st century phenomena; from 0 to 1000 USD per 1 Bitcoin, and down to 400 USD. This opens huge opportunities for risk-tolerant traders. UXDA aim was to architect a Bitcoin platform to make trading easy, even for the most non-tech-savvy users.

Desktop & Tablet design

20+ functions architected

20+ screens designed

UX/UI design project cost: from 30,000 €

Bitcoin Trading Platform UI design

UXDA empowers financial user experiences worldwide

Our clients locations, where UXDA has already delivered financial UX/UI solutions

Client locations where UXDA delivered financial UX/UI solutions


UX Testimonials

UX Design Agency clients are the best and we are proud to be a part of their stories


Working with UXDA was a perfect experience. They helped to shape our mentality - we started seeing the problem from the user perspective, instead of focusing on functionality.

Financial software provider

UXDA worked very fast and the quality and the consistency of the deliverables was good. We liked that project manager had good understanding of the digital finance and the Banking services. She was defending the certain UX/UI choices and not just blindly followed all our requests. When we will have large projects like this in the future, we will always consider UXDA based on our current positive experience.

One of the leading banks in Georgia

We choose UX Design Agency, because of their background in banking UX and a good pricing model. Very good accessibility, especially considering the time zone differences, Albert has been excellent to work with and is open to our thoughts.

Leader in the Forrester Wave for Omni-Channel Digital Banking

UXDA is extremely helpful to us. The quality of their work is high. We push for easier and less complex solutions and UXDA immediately understands that. We’ve already done some internal presentations and people were really blown away. That says a lot. However, the standards for UX in traditional banking are not that high so I asked the opinion of people from industries with high UX and CX standards. If I combine the feedback I got internally, UXDA’s work is light years ahead of where we were.

Company that develops software products for banks around the globe

It was very easy to deal with UXDA. They are friendly, approachable, adaptable and always on top what they deliver. Account Management was excellent and very engaged in a regular communication. We were happy we got everything we looked for.

Innovative omnichannel banking software provider for banks all around the world

From UXDA we received very cool, modern and attractive UIs for responsive web and mobile app. Everyone wants to start using our product. The account management was perfect.

Crypto-fiat financial platform pioneer

UXDA was really very innovative, and I can say this because I can see the results. They translated our idea straightaway into a tangible system. They have implemented the majority of features that we discussed and their design is very modern. In terms of design, colors, and themes, they are really perfect. Design for me is not about appearance, it’s about how easily I can use a product. They think out of the box, they are flexible, and they do their own research.

BABB - Bank Account Based Blockchain mobile App

UXDA do more than talk, which is a good thing. Good UX is all about details, that’s why we highly appreciated all detailed materials UXDA delivered. We would recommend UXDA because they are easy to work with and delivered result exceeded our expectations.

Latvian banking group that operates in Baltic states

We wanted to work with an European company. UXDA turned out to have experience in the fin tech industry and we liked their portfolio. We received really valuable deliverables: the clickable prototype, the complete file-design, mockups and UI kit. We would recommend UXDA cause we had a nice collaboration and a good output.

Dalberry is an all-in-one secure payments technology provider acquired by IBID Group in 2016

The initial communication and mindset was very appealing. Aleksandr sets the right tone for any project, he is exceptionally up to date with all the newest trends, and is always looking to the future. Most valuable deliverable we got was the mindset and app "feeling".

Best Forex Broker in South-East Asia

We work with UXDA because they differs from other agencies with financial and app expertise, experience with similar projects, and understanding of our business model & aims. Most valuable deliverables we`ve got from UXDA are a UI available for our clients to use, and a very sellable demo product. Definitely recommend to work with.

Founded 5 years ago and originally named ICENI renowned for its involvement in M-PESA, the world’s most successful mobile money service

We chose UX Design Agency because of their FinTech experience. They service differs with solid industry research and expertise. Thanks to UXDA we have facilitated production and a quality product. Recommend due to good communication and design.

Bank in America that is publicly traded and one of the fastest growing online banks

Before  we found UXDA we had only desire to create a disruptive financial service, and didn’t understand how it will work exactly. UXDA delivered to us a clear product vision based on our goals and needs of our customers. We used UXDA design prototype to show investors how our service will operate. As a result, we got funded, and our developers know what to do and don’t waste time.

Stealth mode FinTech startup received 2,3M funding


Why you can trust us

7 key benefits defined by our customers’ experiences working with UXDA

  • Saving time

    “Our team uses Agile Methodics, yet few design agencies are ready to operate through iterations. UXDA’s approach fit perfectly for our workflow. Delivering UX design at substages allowed us to accelerate the development and implementation phases. Throughout the project, the collaboration was seamless; we perceived UXDA as our in-house designers and a partner in the process, instead of a traditional design agency that would leave us waiting months for results."

  • Lean budgeting

    “A flexible work process and affordable price policy from UXDA allowed us to split our workflow into milestones. That allowed us to conserve our budget by creating a staged approach in which we started with only a few time- and project-critical activities. For the first milestone, we developed a solid product vision and MVP prototype. Using those in a presentation for investors, we succeeded in obtaining full funding to proceed with the remaining phases of product development.”

  • Burdens relieved

    “Previously, communicating design and product information from an agency designer to developers required information be passed through multiple project representatives before reaching the developer… a bit like the childhood game of ‘telephone’. But working with UXDA was a refreshing change. UXDA was ready to deliver the product vision and all information and assets directly to our development team, then worked with the team instead of just handing off information or deliverables. Any questions from our developers were handled directly by the UXDA account manager, relieving our managers of an enormous burden and simplifying workflow. “

  • Driving innovation

    “As the UXDA team specializes in financial service UX design, they shared their outstanding experience and best practice solutions. That allowed them to not only very quickly understand our service model, but also suggest important innovations to add value to our business. Access to UXDA’s insights and trending solutions actually saved our product from being outdated before launch.“

  • A source of inspiration

    “We are a large financial institution, with traditional corporate culture and values. Unfortunately, this has prevented our team from redesigning our products to fit market switch to user-centred. Continuous attempts were made, but each failed. We searched for a firm that could help us with customer-centered design thinking. UXDA helped our development team to step out of the box and create modern and innovative financial service offerings for our customers.“

  • Clarifying product vision

    “I have to admit that by focusing only on development we missed a range of significant things in our product. Thanks to UXDA we took a look at our service through users’ eyes and realized the need for changes before it was too late. Starting from naming and identity, and finishing with service model and sales points, UXDA provided us with valuable insights and a better product than we could have brought to market working alone.“

  • Keeping momentum

    “Progress never stops. The first version of the product was not finished yet, but the UXDA team had already begun work on visualization of the next version. This allowed our marketing, sales team, and developers to prepare well in advance for transition to the next milestones and product feature evolution.“

Alberts Pumpurs
Account Director & UX Architect

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