Financial UX Design Agency uses a transparent Time & Materials pricing policy,

charging for actual hours spent on your project

Work costs

We charge for actual time spent based on hourly rates aka Time & Materials

An average project lasts for 2-4 months and includes research, engineering, wireframing, and user interface design.

UXDA can provide CX & UX Strategist, UX Architect, UX Consultant, IA Specialist, Web UI Designer, Mobile UI Designer, User Experience Designer, Interaction Designer, Usability Researcher, UX Analyst, Product Manager services with experience in digital banking, FinTech, payments, forex, CFD, fast loans, charity, etc. Also, UX Design Agency provides continuous design support for every client.

Average project cost per hour is about 82€/100$.

  • UX Strategist

    150 € / 185 $

    UX Architect / Art Director

    110 € / 135 $

    UX Consultant

    90 € / 110 $

  • Motion Designer

    90 € / 110 $

    UI/UX Designer

    75 € / 90 $

    UX Researcher

    75 € / 90 $

  • Flexibility

    UXDA innovation lab is agile friendly, so you will not become the hostage of a fixed contract or risk facing delays due to lengthy contract reviews if changes to the project or UX design process are required.

  • Pay-as-you-go

    Your payments are Time & Materials based and directly related to the UI/UX services delivered by our user experience agency, instead of overall hypothetical calculations which, in our experience, rarely relate to reality.

  • Transparency

    Your invoices will be based on regular reports of what we have done in the previous period, with time and UX design tasks clearly explained. UXDA design studio uses a fair price policy without hidden fees or surcharges.

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