UXDA is always looking for new talents!

1. Why our team loves UXDA?

  1. World-changing challenges
  2. Open-minded culture
  3. Passionate professionals
  4. Daily self-perfection
  5. High performance obsession
  6. Cool & friendly team
  7. Inspiring & creative workspace

2. You can become part of UXDA, if you...

  1. Are willing to do whatever it takes to become the best specialists in the world
  2. Want to improve all inconvenient financial services to make everyone's lives easier
  3. Believe that there are no limits to perfection and ready to learn 24/7
  4. Are eager to come up with non-standard solutions for standard issues
  5. Are genuinely interested in other people rather than are self-centred
  6. Want to devote all life to one cause - making everyone's lives better
  7. Evaluate team performance higher than individual benefits
  8. Create positive working atmosphere for themselves and for colleagues
  9. Show initiative to increase team's effectiveness and get rid of unnecessary steps
  10. Agree that reward should go hand in hand with result
  11. Understand that life is too short to do boring work and prefer to do something meaningful and enjoyable
  12. Confirm words with results and are ready to take responsibility
  13. Perceive everything easily and see possibility in every complication
  14. Inspire themselves and everyone around so much that no one notices dark autumn evenings
  15. Don't quit halfway and want to achieve results one way or another

3. Apply for job in UXDA

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Account Director & UX Architect

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