UXDA Becomes the National Winner of the 2019 European Business Awards

Post by Monika Calite, Inspiration officer at UXDA

We have amazing news to share! UXDA has been named ‘National Winner’ of the 2019 European Business Awards - one of the world’s largest and longest-running business competitions.

We were chosen "National Winner" from a total of 120,000 businesses from 33 countries that participated in the European Business Awards. A panel of independent judges including business leaders, politicians and academics from all over Europe praised UXDA as a progressive company that's delivering exceptional results to the financial industry.

UXDA was announced the best business in the category of Customer and Market Engagement. Now we will represent our home country Latvia in the final stage of the competition that will take place in Warsaw this December. After the final judging, the overall category winners for the 2019 European Business Awards will be announced.

UXDA Founder and CEO Alex Kreger shares his excitement:

I'm very happy that the respectable jury has chosen UXDA as the “National winner” out of thousands of huge and well-known companies. It is a great honor, and a living proof that the Financial Design methodology is making a real difference in the financial industry. Products created with user-centred approach truly ease the lives of millions of people and make financial businesses much more successful than they ever imagined before starting working with us.

The European Business Awards is one of the world’s largest and most prestigious cross border, cross-sector business competitions. Its primary purpose is to support and develop a stronger, more successful, innovative and ethical business community in Europe, as it believes businesses play a key role in addressing major issues faced across the world.

Adrian Tripp, CEO of the European Business Awards states:

This is a significant achievement and UXDA is an outstanding leader in their field. To be chosen as a National Winner means you show great innovation, ethics and success and are one of the best businesses in Europe. We wish UXDA the best of luck in the final round.

UXDA is also participating in European Business Awards side competition “European Public Champion”. We have created a unique video telling the story of UXDA, showing around our office and explaining what we do and how we make an impact in the financial industry. Please support UXDA and cast your vote so that we can become the Public Champion of EBA!

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UXDA is well known in the financial industry as the first user experience design agency 100% focused on Banking and FinTech only. Digital financial services architected and designed by UXDA ease the lives of millions of people all around the world. In four years, UXDA has served more than 60 well known multi-million financial companies from 23 countries, helping to create products that are greatly demanded and loved by customers.

The largest customers of UXDA who have the most challenging products are billion worth financial software vendors from Forrester TOP. One such banking software provider is our long-term client Intellect Design Arena. It is one of the largest and longest-running projects UXDA has worked on. During three years of our still ongoing collaboration, UXDA has architected and designed more than 5 000 screens. The corporate banking solution by Intellect Design Arena has no analogs in the world, it's very well demanded by the largest banks in the world for managing billions large assets.

Another complex yet incredibly interesting UXDA's project is a UX transformation of a banking back-office platform for a vendor from Paraguay - ITTI Digital. Reinvention of a 15-year-old product evolved into a UX empowered transformation of the whole business. The game-changing solution created by UXDA approach allowed ITTI Digital to expand from local banks to the global distribution market, offering the new solution to prominent banks all around the world. It was tested on banking employees who called it a revolution in the industry as it had never been so easy and quick to operate a banking back-office solution. The learning curve of banking employees reduced from several weeks to a few hours. The speed and quality of customer service increased dramatically, resulting in unprecedented rates in client satisfaction.

UXDA serves not only leading financial software vendors, but also creates demanded digital solutions for ambitious FinTech startups and progressive banks. One of our recent projects was creating a brand new user-centered mobile banking app for a respected bank in the Middle East - Bank of Jordan. Shortly after the launch of the new app created with UXDA approach, BOJ app rate grew from 2,8 to 4,8 stars in Google Play. User reviews shifted from “this is the worst app I have ever used....”, to “I love it! Everyone should use this app!”. This was achieved by complete UX transformation of BOJ previous app with the unique UXDA's Financial Design Methodology.

There are plenty of other similar success stories for financial companies operating in fields of retail banking, corporate banking, challenger banks, trading and investment solutions, cryptocurrency, insurance, wealth management, payment wallets, lending services all around the world that have worked with UXDA. As our clients have revealed - working with UXDA becomes a life-changing experience. The inner culture and processes of clients' businesses shift dramatically - ensuring a path to long-term success.

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