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Financial Services Design

Covid 19 in Digital Banking: How to Overcome it as Winners

Never before, it has been so critical to focus on the customers because they are the ones who determine whether the financial service will exist after the COVID-19 crisis.

TOP10 Misconceptions about Financial UX Design (2020)

Thousands of digital financial services do not achieve their goals. This is partly due to the design or, specifically, to the financial UX design misconceptions.

Financial UX Design Webinar by UXDA

Join the webinar to explore important UX and digitalization strategies that help overcome the crisis and transform it into a growth opportunity.

Don't Let Financial Services Fail Ignoring the Problem-Solution Cycle

Why some digital financial products are demanded and loved by the customers while others bankrupt? In the series of "Financial UX Explained" we look at the Financial UX Methodology.

What is financial services design?

To more clearly define financial services design, we need to present a small financial services industry overview. New technology in financial services led to the fact that now a lot depends on whether or not the user likes the digital financial app. And, the only way to ensure this is the financial services design.

So, the definition of financial services design can be: the approach to architecting and designing digital financial services. This includes research into finance institutions to find the main business requirements, customer research to identify the user context, user experience engineering, financial solutions interface design and financial product user testing. Only in this way is it possible to design innovative financial services that meet and exceed user expectations.

Enhancing the customer experience in financial services is not a simple challenge; it requires a deep domain knowledge and expert skill in multiple industries, including: 

  • finance 
  • IT 
  • user interface design 
  • human psychology and behavior 
  • business consulting and marketing, etc.

UXDA’s UX architects and UI designers have designed multiple banking and financial services software systems and have become award-winning specialists in creating the best UX for financial services.

Below you will find the best articles by UXDA about financial services design.

🎧 Financial UX Design Methodology: the Experience Pyramid

To successfully transform financial services into demanded digital products, we use reverse engineering. It's a top-down approach that begins with defining the ultimate value for customers and ends with an action plan that includes architecture and design.

Design Thinking in Banking Must Overcome These Obstacles (Updated 2019)

Design Thinking is at the core of UXDA’s methodology, and our custom solutions help clients evaluate its advantages. It is clear that digital solutions based on empathy and user psychology achieve better results. That's why a customer-centered design...

10 Powerful Design Thinking Quotes To Shake The Banking Industry

Embrace the essence of design and customer-centered thinking in the form of a brilliant quotes collection.

Ten Psychology Insights for User Centered Design of Financial Services

Let's explore the psychology of financial and banking product users by looking into their minds, behaviours and main aspects of why certain products are disliked while others are desired.

5 User Research Methods to Design Financial Solutions

There are dozens of research methods available, but from our experience to create a user-centered financial product, five key research methods should be highlighted.

What Do the Financial Experts Say About UXDA's Work?

You will be surprised to hear what our customers reveal about UXDA work process in independent Clutch research. I am happy to announce that UXDA’s NPS (Net Promoter Score) has reached 76 points — the same level as Apple, Amazon, and Netflix.