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Banking Industry

Marketing is Losing Power. Successful Digital Banking Strategy Relies on User Experience

Why might digital financial products lack a market need? In times when marketing is losing its power, UX in digital banking comes to the rescue.

🎧 Banking Digital Transformation Fails Without User Experience Transformation

To ensure a successful digital transformation in banking, the primary focus should be switched from digital to experience transformation.

Banking Industry Cuts Millions of Jobs Forced by AI and Digitization in Banking

Million of bank employees will lose their jobs in next decade, and the reason for that is technology: digitization in banking, AI in banking.

How Fintech Design is Disrupting Banking Industry

Statistics on how and why Fintech use design to disrupt banking industry. What can we learn from it to gain success?

What is the banking industry and how is it affected by design?

The banking industry is defined by all the offline and online infrastructure that handles money (cash and cashless), credit, transfers and hundreds of other financial transactions or services. 

Today, we all see global digital transformation in banking that digitizes the banking industry. Bank customers prefer to use mobile banking or desktop solutions and minimize their time visiting bank branches. Thousands of branches are closed, and millions of bankers will lose their jobs in the banking industry in the next decade.

The financial industry actively switches to digital products and is disrupted by Fintech solutions. The Fintech industry provides a modern service for banking customers based on the latest technology in the banking industry. Fintech uses User-Centered Design and a UX approach to deliver the best possible solutions for users worldwide. 

The banking sector must integrate a design approach and user centricity deep into its operational and strategy model to compete with Fintech for the digital future.

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UX Design Agency on the Banking Transformed podcast by Jim Marous

On the Banking Transformed podcast by the world's TOP 3 influencer Jim Marous UXDA CEO Alex Kreger and Inspiration officer Monika discusses how organizations can use design thinking and improve internal processes, develop better products and services, and enhance the digital consumer experience.

10 Powerful Design Thinking Quotes To Shake The Banking Industry

Embrace the essence of design and customer-centered thinking in the form of a brilliant quotes collection.

UXDA's Journey Through FinovateEurope 2019

UXDA stepped on the Finovate Europe 2019 stage in London beside other world's leading finance innovators and influencers to demonstrate which direction the financial industry is heading to.

UXDA design agency is presenting at Finovate Europe

UXDA is selected to demo at the FinovateEurope 2019 conference in London. Previously organizations such as Google, Capital One, Apple, American Banker, Barclays, Business Insider, CNBC, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Forbes, JP Morgan Chase have attended.

Success of Digital Transformation in Banking Depends on Mindset (+video)

We are witnessing how digital technology disrupts the financial industry. Placing the focus on customer expectations and behavior completely changes the rules of the game ─ something that new technology implementation is not achieving for everyone. Why?

How Banking Industry is Losing Millions by Ignoring UX Design

How banking industry is losing millions? I wrote an article about an incident that happened to my friend. He wanted to buy a house, but he used another way. Why?