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Financial UX Design Webinar by UXDA


Financial UX Design Webinar by UXDA

The unique situation we are facing has accelerated the importance of digitalization, taking it from a strategic priority to a matter of survival. Never before has it been so critical to focus on the customers, because they are the ones who determine whether the financial service will exist after the COVID-19 crisis or not. To support the financial community, UXDA will share its best practices at a free webinar on May 5th, 5 PM, EEST.

Overcome the COVID-19 Crisis in Digital Banking as Winners

Join the webinar hosted by UXDA─the first financial UX design agency 100% focused on Banking and FinTech only. Our senior financial UX experts will reveal important strategies to help overcome the crisis and even transform it into a growth opportunity, as well as share real-life cases from our experience working with 70+ financial institutions from all over the world.

Register here (the number of seats is limited)

The agenda of the webinar:

  • UX Success Formula - a strategy for rapid digital transformation in times of COVID-19.
  • Key to Overcome COVID-19 - how to care about customer experience in the long term.
  • TOP Critical UX/CX Mistakes - what is deadly in a crisis and how to use it for growth.
  • Digital Superpower - what it depends on and how to develop it for the cashless future.
  • Instant Effect - what can be done right now to increase loyalty and demand by customers.

During the webinar, the UXDA team will uncover all of these vital questions through three factors that determine the quality of overall digital performance for any financial institution:

  1. Customer context that dictates the success of the digital product. We will show you why it's important and how to define it through the human-centered problem-solution cycle.
  2. Organization culture that defines whether your financial company meets the modern requirements and will be able to not only survive but to excel in this crisis. We will help you identify what bottlenecks you specifically face through the four quadrants of the Financial UX Design Matrix.
  3. Business strategy that determines whether your products will be successful. We uncover this through the Financial UX Design formula.

The webinar will take place: May 5th, EEST: 5 p.m.; UTC: 2 p.m.; EDT: 10 a.m.

Duration of the webinar: 1 hour

Host: Monika Calite, Inspiration Officer of UXDA.

Guests: Alberts Pumpurs, CCO and Co-owner of UXDA, and Inese Novikova, Senior UX Architect of UXDA.

The webinar is free of charge. The number of seats is limited.


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Monika, Financial Inspiration Officer

Monika is our voice - able to reach the other side of the world with the power of inspiration. Her remarkable experience as a TV and radio personality in the leading media makes her the strongest communicator of UXDA's mission. Monika's biggest joy is to see thousands of people getting inspired by our ideas.

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