10 Powerful Design Thinking Quotes To Shake The Banking Industry

by Monika Calite, Inspiration Officer at UXDA

Great results are based on great inspiration. Banking design is no exception, especially as finance might be the industry most affected by the curse of routine, and this shows in lack of emotions and user-centricity. We believe there's no chance to provide a delightful and enjoyable customer experience if you can't step “out of the box.”

That's why the UXDA team is offering you the essence of design and customer-centered thinking in the form of a brilliant quotes collection. These are the valuable grains of thought to be posted on the walls, saved in bookmarks or displayed on the computer wallpaper as a persistent reminder of what's truly important.

1.  Customer centricity as a matter of survival

2. Focus like a laser on the customer experience

3. We will be banking with no banks

4.  There's something wrong if you need a manual

5.  Easy to use services are greatly demanded

6. Vaule, innovation, vision

7. Don't be a mouse

8. Aim to make people's lives better

9. Deliver emotional experience

10. Focus and simplicity as a mantra

In our busy daily lives, it's very easy to get carried away, be stuck in the routine and lose sight of the goals that truly matter. The UXDA team truly hope these quotes inspired you to break out of it and never lose the focus on the user. Let's keep upgrading the world of finance together, making it much more understandable, likable and enjoyable for the people!

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