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Alex Kreger

Founder/CEO/UX Strategist

Alex is the UXDA Founder, CEO and Co-founder of 10+ startups. His personal background is based on a science degree in Cognitive Psychology and includes strong UX strategist and UX architect expertise with over six years industry practice working with 100+ digital projects and 30+ startups. He is a passionate product visionary who helps identify new service opportunities.

He has additional education in UX and digital entrepreneurship, and has conducted extensive research in the fields of usability and UX design. Over 15 years business development experience with leading Latvian and international companies gives him a valuable multi-industry scope and perspective, a critical attribute that enables him to create the best UX solutions for the most complicated digital services. As UX expert he is the "User Key Competence" owner in the UXDA team.

Linda Zaikovska-Daukste

Co-founder/CFO/COO/Business Analyst

After graduating from International Business study, Linda worked in Web and Mobile businesses for over six years. Her high level of engagement combined with strong team leadership, business analytics, and management skills help UXDA clients find the right path to project success. Her leadership and experience are invaluable for clients seeking to transform their business for this new era of modern consumer competitive markets.

She has been involved in 20 startups and managed over 60 projects as a team leader, business consultant and business analyst. Her competence ensures that each product is digitally effective from a business point of view. This aspect is extremely important for any service solution; she is the "Business Key Competence" owner in UXDA team.

Alberts Pumpurs

Account Director/UX Architect/UX Expert

Alberts has a Master Degree in Information Technology, giving him full confidence in problem solving with most technological challenges. He also has extensive knowledge in communication with service developers and stakeholders. His skill set allows him to bridge between stakeholders, creatives and development teams. He is always happy to engage in new challenging projects, and gives 100% to each challenge he tackles.

As UX consultant he enjoys challenges and working with bank stakeholders to demonstrate how customer-centered design solutions can improve their business, from well-thought out principles and problem solving methods in design to creative approaches for increasing business KPIs via software and hardware. He is the "Technology Key Competence" owner in the UXDA team.

Andrew Yeliseyev

Art Director/Lead UI and UX Designer

Andrew holds a Bachelor Degree in Design and has strong UI and user-centered service design expertise gained through over ten years industry experience and 150+ digital projects. He has delivered and directed UI/UX solutions for banking, FinTech, payments, forex, CFD, fast loans, charity, and many others.

He always monitors the most recent and modern design trends, and sometimes comes up with his own. He has extensive experience in developing user interfaces for digital services with different platforms and resolutions (Desktop, Tablet, iOS, Android, Windows Phone). Andrew also has expertise in motion design which delivers the full UX vision to UXDA clients. He is the "Design Key Competence" owner in UXDA team.

Alberts Pumpurs
Account Director & UX Architect

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