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UXDA Vision

UXDA will harness the benefits of Banking and FinTech technology by packing it into a clever UI/UX design

UXDA is a leading UX design agency from Europe that sharply focused on a financial UI design.

Our mission is to reinvent the financial technology industry by delivering cutting edge user interface solutions based on 3 key principles:

  • Simplicity

    Instead of the usual complexity that people encounter, financial services should revolutionize ordinary customers’ lives through an extremely friendly and self-explanatory user interface.

  • Value

    Financial services must solve user problems and deliver ultimate benefit based on a deep understanding and performance of a customer experience.

  • Delight

    UXDA engages users with enjoyable and inspiring, cutting edge dashboard UI/UX design; users don’t need more boring junk.

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A recent FinTech Solution from UXDA

Our recent fintech solution logo
Forex mobile solution

UXDA’s main target was to make

CFD trading available for non-tech-savvy users.

Our UX architects and UI designers created a UX design

that was clear and intuitive,

while still offering a full set of functionality.

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  • Flexibility

    UXDA is agile friendly, so you will not become the hostage of a fixed contract or risk facing delays due to lengthy contract reviews if changes to the project or UX design process are required.

  • Pay-as-you-go

    Your payments are directly related to the UI/UX services delivered by our user experience agency, instead of overall hypothetical calculations which, in our experience, rarely relate to reality.

  • Transparency

    Your invoices will be based on regular reports of what we have done in the previous period, with time and UX design tasks clearly explained. UXDA uses a fair price policy without hidden fees or surcharges.


What Clients are Saying About UXDA

We chose UX Design Agency (UXDA), because of their background in banking UX design and a good pricing model. Very good accessibility, especially considering the time zone differences, Albert has been excellent to work with and is open to our thoughts.

Leader in the Forrester Wave for Omni-Channel Digital Banking


How can UXDA help you?

Discover the best ways to maximize the value of UX Design Agency services:

  1. Hire the UXDA team as a part of your in-house design You will get all of the necessary UX design work from experienced financial design professionals working as a part of your financial team. Daily check-ups, hourly reports, cloud based interactions — you have full "flight control" of UX services provided by UXDA. Even if you have an in-house UI designer, that person usually can`t give the required attention to UX services because of routine overload. As your outsourced partner, our UX design firm can provide UX research, UX strategy, and architecting of make your banking or FinTech startup frictionless. UXDA also could deliver cutting edge user interface based on your UI design guidelines. Our UX/UI designers and architects are not only helping to create financial user experience design, but also driving your current in-house team to adopt the best practice of a user-centered approach. Our commitment to long-term cooperation ensures you will get the deliverables you need in the way that works best for your financial technology success.
  2. Complete, tailored financial User Experience design from scratchUXDA delivers financial UI (user interface) solutions based entirely on the client business model and target customer needs. To do so, our UX consultants and UI/UX designers conduct user research, business analysis and a service audit. The resulting insights about the customer experience are incorporated into the UX strategy, ultimately producing the best possible financial technology user experience. Going through those steps alongside UXDA enables your team to expand competence in financial UX design, subsequently ensuring further in-house product development from the customer perspective. As a result of our user experience design agency services, you will get a clickable financial service UI prototype and design assets that your developers can implement with your backend.
  3. User Interface design based on your wireframes and IA If you have already developed a UX strategy, created wireframes and Information Architecture, UX Design Agency can deliver a cutting-edge UI/UX design based on that groundwork. UXDA can also adopt your Informational Architecture and layouts to a variety of platforms (web, tablet, mobile, wearable). Together with our UI/UX designer work, you will also benefit from our UX design firm expertise. In the process, our UX architects and designers will examine your project and suggest UX and usability improvements. As a result you will get a clickable omni-channel UI prototype and design assets that your team can implement with your backend to ensure excellent financial customer experience.
  4. Scale your service with support of UX/UI design We are committed to long-term cooperation. In contrast to other firms, our work does not end when the first financial UI (user interface) version is delivered. By performing continuous user testing and collecting feedback, UXDA gains UX design improvement insights. As your outsourced team of UX/UI designers, we are always staying tuned and delivering service changes your financial technology needs for optimization or scaling. UX Design Agency is ready to help in full, whether you are ready to completely reinvent your services interface to ensure the best possible financial user experience for your customers, or whether you would prefer to start with a smaller service improvement project. As one of the best UX design firms, we ensure financial design solutions worldwide. Our UX design portfolio includes financial services operating in Silicon Valley, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Tel Aviv, London, Chicago, Seattle, Berlin, Singapore, Paris, Moscow, Amsterdam, Stockholm, San Francisco, Tokyo, etc.
  5. Consultations and third-party UX expertiseSome of UXDA’s clients already work with other UX/CX (user experience/customer experience) design firms which include CX/UX architect and UI/UX designer(s). These clients hire UXDA to obtain an independent third-party opinion. Hiring our user experience agency as your UX consultant allows you to get an alternative point of view, as you work to achieve the best possible financial UX strategy and solutions. Hiring UXDA as your independent UX consulting experts can also be a good way to open new product opportunities through UX services and implement latest digital banking trends. So, if you want to try us, you can start with a current financial technology product UI audit, UX design testing, or financial user experience consultancy. If the results are useful for you, our user experience design agency would be happy to intensify collaboration.


Frequently asked questions about UI & UX Design Agency

What Is User Experience (UX) Design?

Today the average user has to interact with a huge amount of data and services on the Internet. Understanding and managing such a rich and diversified digital user experience is a significant challenge. To ensure simple and clear digital financial solutions for users, our UX design firm delivers financial user experience design. Instead of traditional design approaches that are based on UI designer inspiration, UX design takes into account user behavior and cognitive psychology including personas, scenarios, intentions, needs, and habits. To find insights about customer behavior, UX Design Agency (UXDA) conducts a variety of original research and tests before initiating service design.

As UX/UI designers we go even further. We believe that in today’s market, UX based web design is the best way to convert visitors into loyal clients. That is why our UX design firm created holistic UX design step-by-step methodology, which is driven by business needs, identity, and positioning; user behavior, emotions, and cognitions; product functions, service design, and content. As User Experience design is only a part of a larger user journey called Customer Experience (CX), our UX designer also takes into account offline factors that affect customer behavior when using digital financial solutions.

Doing so allows our UX consultants and UI designers to architect not just a pleasing user experience, but the best banking software or FinTech solution to ensure high conversion and customer engagement. Examples can be viewed in our UI/ UX design portfolio. User experience is not only about a user interface design; UX design also includes marketing, business consulting, research, testing, psychology, system analysis, and strategy. UX Design Agency can provide CX & UX Strategist, UX Architect, UX Consultant, IA Specialist, Web UI/UX Designer, Mobile UI/UX Designer, User Experience Expert, Interaction Designer, Usability Researcher, UX Analyst, Product Manager services with experience in digital banking, FinTech, payments, forex, CFD, fast loans, charity, etc.

What Is User Interface (UI) Design?

Basically, User Interface (UI) is the visual part on your desktop or mobile screen that allows you to interact with a computer or software. UI determines how your commands are given to the computer or the application and how information is displayed on the screen.

Usually financial UI design includes different menus, forms, and icons, but for programmers all of this can be textual…that means that the financial software developer can’t properly complete the UI designer work. Either way, to ensure a pleasant financial user experience, UI must be intuitively understandable and simple. This is a must-have for the best online banking software solutions or for any FinTech startup.

To achieve that, our UX consultants and UI designers work as a part of your team, to execute UX services including research, architecting, web design, mobile app design, tablet design, wearable design, and testing. Our UX design work, experience, and expertise are critical for delivering solutions that drive significant changes in banking, FinTech, payments, forex, CFD, fast loans, and charity.

Financial user interface is one of the most important parts of any banking software or FinTech application. If a UX architect and UI/UX designer did a great job, the customer will easily be able to not only use the program, but also enjoy the experience. In today’s market, a powerful digital solution with an awful UI design has little value. You can find some Fintech and digital banking trends examples from our user experience design agency financial interfaces based on customer-centered philosophy in this UI/ UX design portfolio.

Do you provide Usability Testing?

Every solution UX Design Agency provides includes two stages of usability testing: wireframe prototyping and beta testing. However, if you're unsatisfied with your existing digital solution sales performance, our UX design firm offers a full suite of UX methodology and expertise. Our UX design company will work with you to ensure a service design solution that includes everything you need to deliver the best financial user experience for your customers.

With user experience design agency usability testing, you can evaluate whether your website or mobile application is user-friendly and simple to use. Usability engineering helps our clients discover opportunities to grow KPI’s, ROI, and profit through their website in 3 months or less. From 200 usability elements that could increase revenue, it is often difficult for our clients to understand how much they have missed on their current financial service design without enlisting the help of a UX designer.

Do You Implement Interaction Design Into Graphical User Interface (GUI)?

First of all let’s clarify what interaction design is. Wikipedia tells us that it’s "about shaping digital things for people’s use", alternately defined as "the practice of designing interactive digital products, environments, systems, and services." So, the main focus is on user behavior with an aim to create goal-oriented design that satisfies the needs and desires of the people who will interact with a product or service.

Before starting to create any Graphical User Interface (GUI), our UX Design Agency team conducts diverse business, user behavior, and product research. After all data collection and analysis is complete, we create a User Journey Map, which unites hundreds of different information puzzles and paths into one clear picture. This gives us customer experience insights about information architecture, and the interaction design our UX designer must implement into an exact digital solution.

As you can see, user-centered design is not just a trendy phrase for our UX design firm team. For us, user-centered design is the result of a demanding, customer-experience driven, comprehensive interface design process. Only in this way we can be sure that UX Design Agency develops GUI design that will bring maximal conversion to our clients and satisfaction to the end-users. In other words, interaction design is a «must have» for any user-centered UX designer.

Do you offer only the online banking UI design that's shown in your UX design portfolio?

UX Design Agency team members’ overall UI/UX design portfolio includes hundreds designs, web solutions and startups in 10 years of experience. As the first UX Design Agency for finance in the last years, we are sharply focused on the financial industry and delivered dozens of  different financial UI designs. Of course, our UX design firm can deliver user experience-based user interfaces for any digital service, but the complexities of online banking and other financial services provide us with the best challenge to develop our approach and possibilities. For example, traditional online banking software often uses really confusing information architecture with old fashioned design, and our UX Design Agency team enjoys reinventing it for the best online banking software solution.

Why does a money dashboard have to be boring? We want digital banking UX design to inspire and engage customers. You can see how online banking could be reinvented for millennials in UX Design Agency’s frictionless future banking UI concept case-study. This UX design concept of future banking architected for an iPad includes an omni-channel bank UX solution with a mobile app and wearable UI which fulfil best banking software trends.

Without a doubt in our digital age FinTech startups and best online banking software must be omni-channel capable. Today, most people use smartphones and tablets more often than traditional desktop computers. So, if we are talking about best banking software, it must be omni-channel and include responsive desktop internet banking, an iPad app, a mobile banking application, and a wearable app (Apple Watch).

Our UX design firm’s digital banking UX concept shows that even for such a complex solution, a service design can be simple and delightful. You can already see it in personal FinTech apps, so why don’t challenger banks use this approach?

Complex banking software is not easy to change, but a pleasant user experience is worth the effort. Challenger banks will disrupt the industry in the near future, competing with FinTech. Maybe our children will never see bank branches because all bank services will be remotely available.

In terms of banking trends - internet banking was only the first step, and now it is past. The next one is mobile banking, and a lot of us are using it already. Believe it or not, soon we will also use digital banking with wearables and AI driven voice processing, because everyone needs an easy and simple way to manage their money. And this is right for every FinTech service or digital startup, including your own. So, let`s work together to find the best UX design solution for your customers.

Can you develop mobile app UX/UI design?

Mobile application architecting requires very specific goals and a clear financial UX design strategy. Complications for UX design start when we have to insert huge banking software functionality into a very compact mobile UI/UX design. The research findings are clear: users are spoiled and they don’t spend time on complicated things. If a user cannot understand an application within a few seconds, they never use it.

Making the perfect UI/UX design is especially important for best banking software or disrupting FinTech app development where there are a lot of important functions. Most users are not financial experts – it is easy to confuse them. Finance application UX design needs to lead the user through the best services whenever they require one. And it all has to happen naturally, intuitively, even if it is their first time using a finance app.

Our user experience agency UI/UX architecting methods provide all the necessary tools to reach goals and satisfy users with a delightful mobile app UX design. You can find latest digital banking trends in our Mobile-Only Challenger Bank UX concept or see some examples in our UI/ UX design portfolio.

So, it is necessary to conduct in-depth research to understand business and user needs for prioritizing key smartphone app functions and make them incredibly simple to find and use, through excellence in UX design. This is what customers want from any mobile app UI/UX, and this is what we believe we have mastered in our UX design firm!

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